Jul, 26

Christie Brinkley is hesitant about marrying John Mellencamp


The National Enquirer claims Christie Brinkley is hesitant about marrying John Mellencamp. A source tells the tabloid: “After a year together, Christie’s still crazy about John. But she worries about his health and she doesn’t want to be a widow. Mellencamp thinks dating should lead to a wedding, but he’s having trouble convincing Christie. Christie isLeer más

Jul, 7

How much soda pop do you drink?


El Paso, (Entravision). –How much soda do you drink? A new survey by Copenhagen University reveals that men, who drink a liter of soda pop a day, could reduce their sperm count by 30% and may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Mar, 28

Batter taking too long.

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Feb, 23

Under Lock And Key


El Paso, (Entravision). – Under Lock And Key: A new survey by Pew Research reveals that 51% of Americans believe Apple should unlock the encrypted iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Other findings: – 38% of people say Apple should not unlock the phone. – 11% of people don’t have an opinion either way.Leer más

Feb, 23

Shadow and Boo Jam Session

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Feb, 12

February 13 is Mistress Day


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).- February 13th is Mistress Day. A survey by the dating site Victoria Milan reveals that cheaters cost businesses worldwide $17 million a day in lost productivity. Other findings:   – the average cheater spends 1.17 hours a day doing cheating-related things – 68% of cheaters interact with their online fling during work hoursLeer más

Feb, 11

Paul McCartney and Skype are releasing animated love-themed emojis


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).-   Radio.com claims Paul McCartney and Skype are releasing animated love-themed emojis for Valentine’s Day. Each of them will feature an audio sound. Paul tells the site: “It turned out to be a great laugh at the same time as challenging because you suddenly realize you’ve got to compress a musical interpretationLeer más

Feb, 11

Netflix Beat Bugs features music by The Beatles, Eddie Vedder and more


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).-   A new Netflix series called Beat Bugs is going to feature music from The Beatles, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. The show is about a group of bugs that live in a suburban backyard.