Mar, 30



El Paso, (Entravision). Get Ready For Whopper Toothpaste … Adweek magazine claims Burger King France is promoting a Whopper toothpaste. The 60-second ad says; “The Whopper toothpaste soon [be] available in your restaurants and drugstores which means you won’t have to hesitate between enjoying a Whopper and brushing your teeth ever again.” The magazine claims the commercial isLeer más

Oct, 12

Clowns Leave Child Home Alone:

creep clowns arrested -YT

El Paso, (Entravision). The Menasha, Wisconsin police recently arrested a husband and wife for leaving their 4 year-old child home alone so they could dress as killer clowns and scare people in the streets. The 26 year-old wife was acting as a getaway driver for her 29 year-old husband and his 20 year-old friend. The childLeer más

Aug, 22

Foreigner 40th reunion?


El Paso, (Entravision) Lou Gramm tells Neo Music Scene that he may reunite with Foreigner for a 40th anniversary celebration and tour. ”There’s been talk about it and there continues to be talk about it. We’re just throwing around possibilities but at some point I’m hoping that something concrete develops.”

Aug, 18

INXS may make a comeback


Contact Music claims INXS may make a comeback. Guitarist Tim Farriss tells News Corp Australia: ”I still think ‘Switch’ was an excellent record. That record showed that the songwriting abilities of Andrew and the band are still great, not the same, sure, but no less potent, poignant and catchy. The song ‘Afterglow’ for example, is stillLeer más

Aug, 18

Steve Perry has no plans to rejoin the band.


Journey guitarist Jonathan Cain tells the Westword newspaper that Steve Perry has no plans to rejoin the band. “I don’t know anything about Steve Perry — he hasn’t contacted us or anything — but the door is always open if he wants to come sing with us. He’s always welcome in our camp. It’s a greatLeer más

Jul, 26

Christie Brinkley is hesitant about marrying John Mellencamp


The National Enquirer claims Christie Brinkley is hesitant about marrying John Mellencamp. A source tells the tabloid: “After a year together, Christie’s still crazy about John. But she worries about his health and she doesn’t want to be a widow. Mellencamp thinks dating should lead to a wedding, but he’s having trouble convincing Christie. Christie isLeer más

Jul, 7

How much soda pop do you drink?


El Paso, (Entravision). –How much soda do you drink? A new survey by Copenhagen University reveals that men, who drink a liter of soda pop a day, could reduce their sperm count by 30% and may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Mar, 28

Batter taking too long.

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