Mar, 28

Batter taking too long.

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Feb, 23

Under Lock And Key


El Paso, (Entravision). – Under Lock And Key: A new survey by Pew Research reveals that 51% of Americans believe Apple should unlock the encrypted iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Other findings: – 38% of people say Apple should not unlock the phone. – 11% of people don’t have an opinion either way.Leer más

Feb, 23

Shadow and Boo Jam Session

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Feb, 12

February 13 is Mistress Day


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).- February 13th is Mistress Day. A survey by the dating site Victoria Milan reveals that cheaters cost businesses worldwide $17 million a day in lost productivity. Other findings:   – the average cheater spends 1.17 hours a day doing cheating-related things – 68% of cheaters interact with their online fling during work hoursLeer más

Feb, 11

Paul McCartney and Skype are releasing animated love-themed emojis


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).- claims Paul McCartney and Skype are releasing animated love-themed emojis for Valentine’s Day. Each of them will feature an audio sound. Paul tells the site: “It turned out to be a great laugh at the same time as challenging because you suddenly realize you’ve got to compress a musical interpretationLeer más

Feb, 11

Netflix Beat Bugs features music by The Beatles, Eddie Vedder and more


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).-   A new Netflix series called Beat Bugs is going to feature music from The Beatles, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. The show is about a group of bugs that live in a suburban backyard.  

Feb, 11

Rolling Stones claim Trump is using their music.


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).-  The Rolling Stones claim Donald Trump is using their music without their permission. The Daily Beast quotes the band’s spokesman as saying: “The band was not asked for permission to use the songs.” Donald has been playing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Brown Sugar.”  

Feb, 10

Sleeping in on the weekends


El Paso, (ENTRAVISION).- A recent survey by the University of Pittsburgh reveals that sleeping in on the weekends may do more harm than good. Researchers found that those, who sleep longer on weekends than during the week, tend to have “poorer cholesterol profiles, higher fasting insulin levels, larger waist circumference, higher body-mass index, and wereLeer más