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Drone Delivers Chinese Food To Inmates

Dublin, Ireland jail recently had Chinese food delivered to their prison yard by a drone. Officials believe that an inmate used an illegal cell phone to order the food before… More


Pat Benetar children torture her

Pat Benatar tells The Missoulian Newspaper that her two children torture her after they watch her classic videos and concerts on YouTube. ”We have two daughters and YouTube has been an… More


Cyndi Lauper didn’t like his style in the 1980s

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper were recently doing an interview with People magazine when he said that she didn’t like his style in the 1980s. “I know you didn’t like my… More


Elton John thinks Miley Cyrus is sexy

Elton John tells the Daily Mail that he thinks Miley Cyrus is sexy. ”She’s 25 years of age, and boy is she sexy, and boy is she talented, and boy do… More


Tide Pod Donuts

ABC claims Hurts Donuts, in Frisco, Texas, has created a Tide Pod donut. The donuts are topped with white icing and Tide’s blue and orange signature swooshes. Hurts posted a… More


Couple Holds Wedding Reception At KFC

The Worcester News claims Cherish and Edward Sims recently held their wedding reception at a KFC after marrying at the Hull Heath, England City Hall. Cherish tells the paper; “I… More


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith tells Fox News that Sammy Hagar once gave him great parenting advice. “Sammy Hagar told me once, ‘You never bring your children out until at least… More


The Who are negotiating for a Las Vegas residency

The Daily Mirror claims The Who are negotiating for a Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace. A source tells the paper; “Elton is leaving, so the promoters and resort wanted to bring… More