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Pete Townshend is working on a new album for The Who

13:40 / April 02, 2020

Pete Townshend tells Rolling Stone magazine that he is working on a new album for The Who while quarantining from the coronavirus. “I’m in Wilshire; I’ve got a country place here. I have to say I feel really lucky because what I do mainly is spend a lot of time on my own in the studio. I feel like I’ve been given an answer to a prayer I don’t think I would have had the guts to do, which is to say, ‘Please cancel everything and give me some time in the studio!’ It feels like a gift. The other thing I’ve done is looked at the possibility of starting work early — I was going to do this next year — but starting work early on writing new songs for another Who album, as the last one did so well. So, I’m knocking ideas around.”